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One of the vital organs, the kidneys, plays a critical role in ridding the human body of waste products in the form of urine. The kidney also helps maintain the balance of body fluids, electrolytes and the production of red blood cells. But there are many factors which lead to problems of the kidneys and the urinary system. The most common causes of kidney (renal) diseases is diabetes and high blood pressure, which over a period of time adversely affects the functioning of the kidneys. Other problems include kidney stones, infections, anatomical disorders, prostate cancer, trauma/injury to the kidneys and glomerular diseases.



The Nephrology department of Manipal Hospitals is at the forefront in the care of patients with renal disease. The excellent team of nephrologists and support staff considered the best in the country, are always up-to-date with the latest methods and innovations in the field. The department houses the largest dialysis center in the country which performs over 24,000dialysis on patients from India and abroad every year. It has also successfully conducted hundreds of kidney transplants and is vastly experienced in chronic peritoneal dialysis.

  • A team of well-renowned consultants
  • Dedicated Dialysis Lounge


Dr. G. K. Prakash

Dr. G. K. Prakash

Consultant Nephrology
Renal Sciences
(Malleshwaram - Bengaluru)
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